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Clinical Nutrition
Food is the best medicine. We emphasize dietary changes and nutritional supplementation as the safest and most effective modality as it has the least complications and side effects.

Botanical Medicine
Many plant substances are powerful medicines with some advantages over conventional drugs. They are effective and safe when used properly, in the right dose, and in proper combination with other herbs and treatments. Their organic nature makes botanicals compatible with the body's own chemistry; hence, they can be gentle and effective with far fewer toxic adverse effects.

Homeopathic Medicine
In contrast to drugs, homeopathic medicine is based on the principle of "like cures like"; a substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms in a sick person.This powerful system of medicine is more than 200 years old, and is widely accepted in other countries. Homeopathic medicine acts to strengthen the body's innate responses and seldom has adverse effects, which makes it a desirable treatment modality especially for infants and children.

Physical medicine
Modalities used in the office include:

Hydrotherapy -the specific application of hot and cold to increase
     circulation and immune response
Bowen Technique
Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Attitudes and emotional states are important elements in the healing and prevention of disease. Some visits are focused primarily on psychological counseling.

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