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The Bowen Technique

Bowtech is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that has been used for over 50 years to successfully treat patients with a variety of illnesses.

Bowtech was developed by Tom Bowen in Australia and passed on and documented by Oswald Rentsch.

o Bowtech is a unique system that uses gentle moves on soft tissue to stimulate energy flow, empowering the body's own resources to heal itself.

o Bowtech balances the body enabling itself to heal. The work consists of a series of precise moves on specific points of the body. These moves are light and can be done through clothing. There are frequent and important pauses between each series of moves giving the body time to benefit from each.

o Bowtech enables the body to heal itself with minimal intervention in contrast to other physical therapies where the therapist imposes the healing mechanism on the patient through the technique performed.

o Bowtech is safe to use on anyone from neonate to the aged and produces lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

o In most cases only 1 or 2 treatments are required for such conditions as:

    Ankle Sprains
    Knee Problems
    Frozen Shoulder
    Migraine Symptoms
    Stress and Tension Discomfort
    Menstrual Irregularities
    Respiratory Symptoms
    Neck Restrictions
    Back Pain
    Repetitive Strain Injuries

o One does not have to be unwell to benefit from a Bowen treatment. It is an ideal way to help the body function at an optimum state of health and efficiency.

o Bowtech has been taught and is widely accepted in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and the United Kingdom.

o Always ensure that your therapists or physician is accredited by The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.